2017 Fall Ball Instructional Program

Updated Thursday September 14, 2017 by Roland Park Baseball Leagues.


Programs are available for boys and girls from Ages 4-15.

"Baseball 101" Program for Ages 4-6 (1 PM & 3:15 PM Sessions)

Location: St. Mary's Seminary

Register Here: Roland Park Baseball Leagues Registration

This year the Baseball 101 program will  have two sessions 1PM - 2PM and 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM and run for eight Sundays starting around September 10, 2017. The registration cost will be $75.

This program, run with Impact instructors like our older 7-15 program, is designed for our youngest players and emphasizes fun and getting to know a little bit about the basics of baseball. Each week this program will be a combination of learning a new skill or two while incorporating games to keep the kids engaged and apply new skills!


Register Here: Roland Park Baseball Leagues Registration

This year we will offer two sessions: 1 - 3 PM and 3:15 - 5:15 PM on Sundays for eight weeks starting September 10th.

Location: St. Mary's Seminary

Cost: $135 for one session, $265 total for both sessions

The program for Ages 7-15 brings back  the professional instructors from Impact Baseball for a fifth consecutive season. (More details about Impact at www.impactsportsbaltimore.com)

The program is designed to develop and enhance the skills of all young players from the ages of 7-15. The focus is on fun and learning at all times while emphasizing the fundamentals of baseball. Players will receive instruction in all facets of the game including defense, pitching, hitting, baserunning, situational baseball, and game strategy/awareness all the while learning lessons about leadership and sportsmanship.

 While fun and mini-games and competitions will be present during the program, please be advised that this is not a fall version of our traditional Spring little league program. We will have traditional games on Weeks 4 and 8 of the program, but the other six weeks will be a little more like a baseball camp so that the registrants can best take advantage of the excellent instructors from Impact. The Fall Program from the outset has been designed to provide players with an excellent opportunity to improve their skills and fundamentals in a high energy, fun environment at a fraction of the price generally associated with high quality professional instruction. 

All registered players will receive an official 3/4 sleeve RPBL Fall Ball 2017 workout shirt.


  • Is the Fall Ball Instructional Program an "in-house" league?
    • The Fall Ball Program is not a traditional in-house league with assigned teams and an emphasis on games. Traditional games will be played during Weeks 4 and 8 of the program under the guidance of Impact Baseball instructors. The other six weeks of the program will be a high energy and fun mix of instruction, mini-games, and practice which emphasizes proper technique and repetition for the registered players. During the program, players will be assigned a group based upon age and skill level, and these groups will be used to form the teams for Weeks 4 and 8.
  • When is the program?
    • The program is offered every Sunday. There are two available sessions: 1-3PM and 3:15-5:15PM. 
  • Where is the program?
    • Both of the programs will be primarily located at St. Mary's Seminary in separately defined areas. We will also have Medfield Elementary available for much of the season as a backup site if needed.
  • Can I register my player for both sessions?
    • Yes, players if they choose can register and attend both sessions. As a player only needs one workout jersey, the combined price for both sessions is $260.
  • If I register for one session can I switch back and forth between sessions during the program?
    • Unfortunately, we cannot have players switching back and forth between sessions. While both the sessions will follow an identical format and plan, the large number of registrants makes it impossible to allow players to switch. We strive to arrange players in training groups based on age and skill level, and we cannot handle players switching between groups. Also, we had over 290 registrants in our program last year, so we have to prepare a correct mix of instructors for each session based upon registration.
  • Why are you offering two sessions?
    • We are offering two sessions this year to offer the best experience we can to all of our players. We unfortunately had a wait list in past years, and we have expanded to accommodate more players. We also will be having a smaller player to instructor ratio even compared to last year!