Commissioner's Letter

Updated Tuesday September 26, 2017 by Roland Park Baseball Leagues.


Welcome to Roland Park Baseball Leagues!  RPBL has a long and rich tradition, starting back in 1952.  It has grown to be the largest youth baseball league in Baltimore City, with nearly 800 players participating this past spring season, both boys and girls, ranging in age from five to fifteen years. 

Our motto: “Little League – Big Fun” sums up RPBL’s attitude and approach.  We strive to provide a fun, positive learning experience for all who are a part of the league – players, parents, families, coaches, umpires, and others involved.  We encourage sportsmanship, camaraderie and respect.  We hope to teach kids not just the fundamentals of baseball, but what it means to play together as a team, show respect for your teammates, coaches and opponents, and have a great time along the way. 

More important than the wins and losses on the field are the bonds of friendship that are forged, not only with teammates, but with players on other teams, those going to other schools, and also among parents and families along the sidelines.  We hope these connections and lessons will carry on long after the last out is made, the last cheer is heard, and another season has come to a close.

RPBL owes its strength not just to its history and traditions, but to its amazing cadre of volunteers.  Coaches, assistant coaches, board members, administrators, fundraisers and others all offer their time and energy to make the league run.  We encourage you to participate as well. When registering your player, please indicate your willingness to help out. Or send me an email at You will likely get as much or more out of it than you give.

After having coached and been a parent from T-Ball and into the Teen League, I am honored to serve as RPBL Commissioner for the 2017-2019 seasons.  Please let us know if you have questions or how we can make your RPBL experience the best it can be.

Warm regards,

Andrew Wolfe

RPBL Commissioner